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Why Counselling?


Life can be difficult

We can all have times in our lives when circumstances stop us in our tracks.  When we lose someone or something precious.  When relationships become difficult and unfulfilling.  When events in the past return to undermine our wellbeing.  When we notice our life has lost its meaning and direction.  When we realise how stressed and unhappy we have become.


Counselling can help

At times like these, counselling offers a safe private space to discuss the issues that are troubling us.  Counselling is confidential and takes place with someone who isn’t a member of our personal community.  Counsellors are trained to help people explore their thoughts and feelings and to consider how these relate to the difficulties they are experiencing.  As insight and understanding develop, there is the possibility of positive change:  to come to a new accommodation with things as they are, or to make changes to the way we live our lives.


Finding a counsellor

Finding a counsellor you feel able to talk to about important issues in your life, takes time and careful consideration. That is why I offer a no obligation initial meeting to discuss what you would like to address with counselling and to find out whether we would be able to work together - free of charge or obligation. 

Peter McDonnell


My approach...

My approach to counselling emphasises a hopeful view of human beings and our ability to develop and be self-determining (Humanistic) and acknowledges the role of previous life experiences in influencing who we are and the choices we make (Psychodynamic).



I am an Accredited Counsellor with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (awarded in 2010) and have been qualified to practise as a counsellor since 2005. My primary qualifications are an MA in Counselling (Durham University, 2006) and a BSc in Psychology (Loughborough University, 1981).


...and experience

I have worked full-time as a counsellor since 2006: in education for six years from 2006, for the NHS from 2007 to 2019 and in private practice since 2012 (including management responsibilities in all three areas). I have also been working as a counselling supervisor since 2006. Before this, my career included extended periods in consumer research and in the field of learning disability.

McDonnell Counselling



Located in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Accessible city centre office (NE1).

Good transport links opposite Newcastle Central Station.


Reduced rates for people on restricted incomes (including students)

and for those who choose to attend on a weekly basis for a period of time.

Fees on request.

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